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Beach Tour Packages Himachal

Himachal Pradesh is a part of India which is very popular for hosting millions of travellers every year. Here you will be able to see travellers visiting with their family or friends or on a honeymoon. Himachal Pradesh provides a great environment for all types of trips. There are cities in Himachal Pradesh which are best for family trips as well as provide great romantic atmosphere. Even some restaurants are amazingly set up for family visits. You can also visit Himachal Pradesh for a adventurous trip with your friends. This is the only part of India where you will experience one of the highest number of hill station in India. The most famous among all the hill stations is Shimla which is often compared to Switzerland. Himachal is believed to host the largest number of honeymoon tours as far as local honeymoon trips are concerned. Thus, holds the record of the largest state to host the most number of travellers every year in the northern region of India. . Himachal Pradesh is a very beautiful state. There are so many lakes which offer great atmosphere for camping. Here we will be talking about out beach tour packages to Himachal.

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Beach tour packages to Himachal:

These are mind blowing tour packages available to Himachal. We provide these packages and millions of tourists have chosen to travel with these packages. Here we will be talking about these packages in detail:

Beach tours:

There are really no such beaches like that in Goa. But you will find some of these near the banks of many lakes which are far from the city. There you will get to enjoy some marine sports as well as some camping time. Some of the lakes that are included in these packages with such beaches are:

1.Chandra Taal:

The Chandra Taal is a beautiful lake situated on the spiti side of Lahul and spiti district. It is one of the major tourist destination in Himachal. It is one of the best tourist destination for trekkers and campers. Thus, you can camp near the lake and enjoy sunbathing there. You can do many other activities like campfire, etc. It is a large lake in area and spread for around 5 kms. The area around the lake is much more suitable for camping. 

2.Khajjiar Lake:

The most famous tourist destination situated in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh is Khajjiar Lake. It is situated at quite a high level of approximately 2000 m above sea level. The surroundings of this lake are are huge grassy landscapes and evergreen plants. These are famous for camping and provide cool breeze near the lake. 

3.Prashar Lake:

The Prashar Lake is one of the most sacred lake in Himachal. It is 50 kms away from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. It is dedicated to sage Prashar. It is a very beautiful lake which gives a very unique view. It is best known for camping purposes and is very green. Millions of tourists visit Prashar lake every year. 

4.Suraj Tal:

The Suraj Tal is also known as Surya Taal and is situated near Spiti valley. It is considered to be a sacred lake and has surroundings fit for camping and other activities. It is devoted to the sun god and is the third highest lake of India. It has crystal clear blue water flowing which makes it one of the most beautiful lake of India. 

Above is given all the information about the beaches of Himachal. This is all about beach tour packages in Himachal. These are mind blowing packages and can be considered adventure tours as well.

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