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Sixteen 69 Lounge Bar Himachal

Sixteen 69 Lounge Bar - Himachal
Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful  example of a place that resembles paradise in northern India as does kashmir. You will see Himachal full of travellers which gets attracted to the hill stations of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal is a small state which is located just on the foothills of Himalayan mountains. Himachal is ranked as one of the best tourist destination to spend your vacations in India. It is all because of the presence of so many hill stations. Himachal offers so much to everyone, such as you will be able to explore many things which include hill stations, orchard Gardens, dense green forests, lush Valleys, museums, monasteries, sanctuaries, etc. You can do a lot of adventurous activities on the hillside. Himachal is also very popular for its restaurants. Among the popular hills station, there is Dalhousie which is situated on very high altitude. Dalhousie offers one of the best views of Himalayan snow capped ranges. Himachal Pradesh is full of unique sceneries. You will also find many monasteries in Himachal that depict the presence of Tibetan culture. You will also be able to visit many shrines and luxuriant palaces. Dalhousie is a place where you will get all facilities to enjoy different tours with your family and friends. Here you will be able to stay in many hotels, resorts and guesthouses. Nightlife of Himachal is very popular in northern India. The Mall Road is one of the most famous hub to enjoy the Night time with your family and friends. This place offers top class lodging and shopping facilities. You will find many restaurants many cuisines. The most popular hill station in Himachal is Shimla. It offers mind blowing experience to have while you are on the trip with your family or friends or on a honeymoon. The most crowded and popular spot in Shimla is the The Mall which is full of bright and reasonable rated shops. The mall road is a place most ideal for enjoying the nightlife in Himachal. There are many other nightlife places in Himachal. Here we will be talking about Sixteen 69 Lounge Bar : Nightlife in Himachal Pradesh. 
Sixteen 69 Lounge Bar : Nightlife in Himachal Pradesh:
As it is a known fact that Shimla is a place where you will find the real nightlife of Himachal Pradesh. This bar is also situated in the Mall road of Shimla. The Sixteen 69 Lounge Bar is situated in the main market of Himachal Pradesh. You will find this bar in Hotel Marina. It is considered to be the most royal place if you are looking for a night out place. This bar offers the best of drinks available in Shimla. The architecture of this bar is amazing and the atmosphere there is very casual. You can visit this place in groups or as you like. The wine available at the bar is mind blowing and that is what this place is famous for. 
The sixteen 69 lounge bar is one of the most popular nightlife places in Himachal. Millions of tourists visit this during night hours. It is one of the most trending restaurant in Shimla. It offers excellent atmosphere for a great dinner. It opens at 11 am in the morning and operates till late night. 
Above is given all the information about Sixteen 69 lounge bar of Shimla. This is all about Sixteen 69 Lounge Bar : Nightlife in Himachal Pradesh. 

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